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Shree Govind Dham sole motto is the complete transition of the human race leading the individual towards enlightenment aiming his mental, physical, social and spiritual upliftment , keeping a balance of the body, mind and thoughts.

Physical and Mental Development

In today’s world human is entangled into various mental and physical disorders leading the individual ...

The Spiritual Development

Shree Govinddham aims at spiritual upliftment of the individual & awakening of the human race. Leading the ...

Social Development

Social development is about improving the well-being of every individual in society so they can reach their full potential.

About Shree Govind Dham

Foundation of Shree Govinddham (Gatauli) Jind, Haryana : - It's foundation was laid with the stone from the "RamSetu", Rameshwaram on 25th of December 2016 and the construction started. The ashram is situated mid-way on “NH-17” connecting “Jind & Rohtak” in between the two villages “Gatauli & Julana”. The construction continued for two consecutive years and completed on July 27th 2018, which was the “Guru-Purnima” and Sadguru Shree Randeep ji settled here forever. Along-with the play of spirituality, awakening, and divinity here started the relieving of the people suffering and providing justice. In the ashram all the basic facilities are free for every individual coming here. For the visitors here there are facilities for taking bath, having meals, and getting sleep. For the meditation there is separate room available. As you enter the “Shree Govinda Dham” you feel relaxed and positive just because the presence of the Guru’s essence. For meditation no place could be better than this...

Be a part of the primary move "Establishment of the religion", from Shree Govind dham Gatauli, Jind, Haryana.

What We Do

Shree Govind Dham to Complete development of the entire human race. Keeping the physical, mental and spiritual, and social level in the center.

Shree Govind Dham Quotes

The individual goes up and up in the cosmos by practicing meditation, hymnody and chanting but when the position downgrades he falls back to the earth.


 Shree Govind Dham has given, gives you the strength and stability

The perspective and practices that Shree Govind Dham has given, gives you the strength and stability to go through the day without getting overly disturbed by stress. My equanimity and sense of calmness in the face of all that life throws at me has certainly improved a lot.

Jitender ( New Delhi )

Shree Govind Dham has spirituality and science.

I find that this is a particularly amazing time to be alive, because there is a new intersection between spirituality and science. That’s why I like the fact that you are calling it Inner Engineering.

Soniya Rana ( Sonipat Haryana )

Shree Govind Dham is a great place for Meditation

I learned way too much to write in this little space! I also know that this is just the first step, and this training has opened the door to so much new information, ideas, and a new path of life. Shree Govind Dham is a great place. It has a nice balance between working and relaxing.

Sushma Shroha

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In every aspect of life, Shree Govind explains, we can be a volunteer just by living willingly. Through this willingness, life becomes full of joy and fulfilment.