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Shri Govind Dham (Gatauli), Jind, Haryana

Shri Govind Dham (Gatauli), Jind, Haryana : -

It's foundation was laid with the stone from the "RamSetu", Rameshwaram on 25th of December 2016 and the construction started. The ashram is situated mid-way on “NH-17” connecting “Jind & Rohtak” in between the two villages “Gatauli & Julana”. The construction continued for two consecutive years and completed on July 27th 2018, which was the “Guru-Purnima” and Sadguru Shree Randeep ji settled here forever. Along-with the play of spirituality, awakening, and divinity here started the relieving of the people suffering and providing justice. In the ashram all the basic facilities are free for every individual coming here. For the visitors here there are facilities for taking bath, having meals, and getting sleep. For the meditation there is separate room available. As you enter the “Shree Govinda Dham” you feel relaxed and positive just because the presence of the Guru’s essence. For meditation no place could be better than this.

Each and every individual is blessed with the sight of the Guruji. Be it any kind of problem, spiritual, physical, mental, or mediation related you get the solution for all at this place. Eligible intellectuals are blessed with “Brahm-Sutra & Naam-Daan” deeksha. Here one can learn many types of “Yoga & Mediation”, you are heartly welcomed if you are keen to make the “Yoga & Mediation” an important part of your life. If you are full of questions like, Who am I? Where did I come from? Where shall I go? What will happen after death? What was I before my birth? Who is the Guru? Who is the Jagat-Guru? Which mediation form should I practise? Etc. if you think yourself a true intellectual you must visit here once, you aren’t aware might you get all your answers here.

Motto: - “Enlightenment and awakening of the human race, thereby establishment of the religion”. Any kind of intoxication be it, bidi, cigarette, or alcohol and non-veg is strictly prohibited in the premises. Here only the intoxication of meditation, affection, concentration, chanting, and undifferentiation is practised.

Poornima discourse: -

On each Poornima at Shree Govinddham, Gatauli, Jind, Haryana, Jagatguru Shree Randeep Ji offers preaching. On this auspicious day special favour is offered to the people.

Meditation Camp: -

At Shree Govinddham, Gatauli, Jind, Haryana meditation camp is organised weekly in which devotees come from many places to take part. This camp is free and various types of meditations is practised.

Spiritual Camp: -

Spiritual camp is organised at various different locations by Gurudev Shree RandeepJi. This camp is organised at district and state level time to time so that no one be deprived of the discourse and this awakening could be spread at wide level.


Purnima Program

Purnima Program

Purnima Program

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