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About Guru Ji

About Guru Ji

On 2 October 1983, Sunday morning 5 am, Jaswant Singh and his wife Nirmala Devi one of the Zamindars’ the dwellers of Gatauli, a village in Jind, Haryana were blessed with a very divine child and they named him “Randeep” who later on with the passage of time became the Supreme Saint out of austerity and his devotion to the Lord Krishna(The Govinda). His primary education was completed from the nearby schools in village Gatauli and Shamlo-Kalan later on out of his immense desire to learn our holy Vedas he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit from Rohtak district of Haryana. He was very fascinated by the rites of previous lives and adored Lord Krishna very much during the childhood and started practicing Sadhna at a very early age of eight only.

Being form the Society of the Nobles who don’t believe in idol worship the Guruji’s parent use to forbid him from the lord Govinda worship but he kept on chanting Govind’s name even during the sleep. He was scolded by his family for his devotional attitude but the play was started at a very early age, he was very curious to know all about the Govinda. Where can I find him? How does he look like? Where does he live? His mind was flooded with such questions. May it be the teacher at the school, parents at home or the saints on the street, whomsoever he met asked his questions. With the growing age his eager to find the Govinda was also growing. He accompanied with the Saints to follow the path to Shri Krishna. Guru Ji met many saints too. Alas! no one could satisfy his innermost desire to meet the Lord Govinda. At the age of 12, he with his ignition to meet the Lord, he started meditating for long duration which no ordinary man could have done for five to six hours, eventually which grew up-to eight, nine hours.

At the age of 15-16, he was determined to travel all the sacred parts of India with his the saints. He traveled to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Tapovan, Uttrakhand, Himalaya, Vrindavan, Mathura, Dwarkadish, Jagannathpuri, Rameshwaram, Kurukshetra, and many more. He walked around all the places wherever he could find God, and searched everywhere for the Lord yet the yearning could not be calmed. Guruji constantly chanted Lord’s name, did fasting, Sadhna, and meditation all around the country. Yet he could not find the true attainment. He started meditating for hours and hours and reached a level where he could meditate for fourteen hours. It was then he was blessed to meet Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh, and many Gods and Goddesses but the Lord Govind was his only desire.

At the age of 19, in the year 2002 some heavenly incident occurred to the Guruji while his stay in Vrindavan. He was being followed by a sphere of light ‘Prakash Punj’ which was constantly changing its form, from incarnation to the light. Such a divine incarnation is hard to put in words.It was Lord Krishna himself who came to meet his devotee as a result of his austerity and devotion towards him for years. Lord looked different from what, described in the idols at the Temples. Shri Krishna asked Guru Ji to be his disciple as he was deprived of any teacher till the time. Lord wanted to be his Guru himself but Guru Randeep Ji didn’t accept and doubted of being tricked by the Maya. The radiation of light remained close to GuruJi’s eyes for five days and nights. The sight was blowing out his mind being omnipresent all time even though, Guruji doubted the energy form of light and didn’t accept it. There came the time that Guruji was sitting all day and night without any rest or sleep for many days. Out of innocence he considered it some kind of imagination and didn’t even realize, he has attained the “real accomplishment”.

After this incident, he started enjoying the art of meditation with many miraculous events occurring in front of his eyes. The dedication led him to confront many rivals like Guru Gorakhnath, Mahakali, Kabirdas but he never gave up and kept on meditating. Everyone tried to come in his way and stop him but failed every time. Hindrances were created to such an extent that GuruJi’s health started deteriorating and he weighed only fifteen kilograms. People thought he would die but still, he didn’t quit and kept on meditating for hours and hours. The incarnation appeared again one day and revealed: “I am Shri Krishna” and asked him to be a disciple. The light was so enticing that Guru Ji couldn’t do anything but surrender himself this time. He accepted to become the disciple and then was complete silence it was hard to utter any word and he attained “Nirakar Siddhi”.

This incident took place in Year 2004. The efforts, dedication, and diligence it required are appreciable and miraculous that Lord Krishna himself revolved around our GuruJi to make him a disciple. Lord Krishna now the Guru of Gurudev Ji always stays near to guide him and voices echoing “Randeep, Randeep, Randeep” can be heard all the time.

Guru Ji finally attained enlightenment after realizing the formless accomplishments. It was the result of these accomplishments which led to his complete awakening. He crossed twenty-seven Cosmos with the help of his Guru who himself was there holding his hands. Nanak Ji, Dadu, Nityanand, Kabirdas, Garibdsa, Tulsidas, and others equal twenty-one Cosmos. These all are formless souls. Eleventh Cosmos completes with Mahatma Budh, Seventh with Muhammad Saheb and Guru Gorakhnath Ji equals eight Cosmos. This shows the hard work and determination during the accomplishments. He had to face all the saints in his way and also met Nanak Ji, Nityanand Ji, Kabir, Mahatma Budh in a welcoming way.

Achievement of Gurupad: - On 20 June 2009, when GuruJi was absorbed in severe austerities in Badrinath, Lord Narayana appeared and handed him the post of ‘Jagatguru’ to help in the awakening people to establish religious harmony and destroy iniquity. Achievement of the position was a tough competition involving great ascetic and Siddha Mahatmamn but the Lord chose Guruji. A person who could live amid the people and has attained the accomplishments could only become the Jagatguru so that he can spread awakening among people and lead them to Aadhyatm and reach the peak of spirituality. GuruJi never wished for this post but he eventually got chosen by the Lord.

Achievement of the post of Brahman: - Before attaining the title ‘JagatGuru’, there was a lot of bustle in the world about how a twenty-six year old young man who was born to the Kshatriya family can be entitled to this post but Lord Shri Krishna wanted Guruji to offer the position out of compassion. In April 2009. On, Baisakhi Poornima, Bhagwan Parshuram appeared and blessed him the tile of Brahmin and accepted him as his son. There was no delay after this and on 20 June 2009, he was entitled to the position of ‘JagatGuru’ by Lord Narayana. He following his Guru’s order accepted the post. He decided not to make any disciples out of his desire not to be known to this world. He was submerged in the devotion of the name of Prabhu and was full of bliss and intoxicated in his devotion. He did not let anyone know about this awakening that the lamp of knowledge has been ignited and his devotion has been transformed into a jewel in the heart and hid this from the crowd from 2009 to 2013. Lord Krishna ordered him, requested humbly but he always made a way out of this and remained drowned in immense pleasure of devotion. His Guru tricked him into a situation so that he can reveal his identity to the world. People started getting attracted to him wherever he went, they saw him with a special perspective without the awareness of the specifics. Eventually, in August 2013, accepting his Guru’s orders, he began sitting on the throne and started channeling and propagating religion to help remove the sufferings of the people. Acquisition of Nishan and Flag: - After being entitled as the ‘JagatGuru’, he started receiving different names, different marks ‘Nishan’, and different color flags.


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