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Our Mission

Our Mission
Establishing religion and destroying unrighteousness

  • Physical and Mental Development
  • The Spiritual Development
  • Social Development

Spiritual development: -

Shree Govinddham aims at spiritual upliftment of the individual & awakening of the human race. Leading the individual through Sanatan religion from the form to the formless and at last to the enlightenment. Below are the things which comes undrer:

Meditation Yoga: -

Meditation means to be at senses, awakening, and perception. According to Yoga in Ashtang-Yoga is the intimate knowledge, meditation and mausoleum. At Shree Govinddham, people are led to mausoleum through meditation. At present Shree Govinddham is working on hundreds of methods through which the individual towards enlightenment. From thought to thoughtlessness, from noise to silence, from form to formless, from amorousness to the Ram, from energy to upward movement leading the individual towards enlightenment.

Bhakti Yoga:-

This yoga is heart head through which the individual is led towards devotion to the Govinda. Bhakti-yoga is the path of intense affection walking on which the individual is unifies with the Supreme. In this yoga the individual learns selfless love devotement. It begins with the consideration of the incarnation later on progressing towards mausoleum. Through Bhakti-Yoga the individual is led from real accomplishment to formless accomplishment and finally to self realization.

Kundalini awakening Shaktipaat Initiation: -

At Shree Govinddham, eligible and deserving intellectuals are blessed with kundalini awakening through shaktipaat process by Guru Shree Randeep ji. In the whole world a few Gurus are capable of making shaktipaat out of which Saint Shiromani Jagatguru Shree Randeep Ji is the topmost. He can make the shaktipaat happen with his sight only. At Shree Govinddham many intellectuals are attaining kundalini awakening. With the help of shaktipaat initiation all the chakras of the Yogi are awaken within no time and he start attaining accomplishments. The energy rises from the muladhar chakra and unifies with the infinity passing through the Mille chakra. Shaktipaat is much helpful in making the human, from human to a great human.

Brahmasutra and Saranam Diksha: -

As per Satguru Shree Randeep Ji, the Supreme is far away from the words, as far as lie words resides the Maaya. These days the status of the human is so low that he can’t be taken away from the words suddenly therefore Guru Ji uses a method called brahmasutra saarnam deeksha. In this ordination Guruji provides a headspring to the Yogi. Chanting this headspring continuously the kundalini energy of the Yogi start rising and he start feeling divine. This headspring acts as a thread between the intellectual and the Supreme through which he reaches his destination.


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Purnima Program

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