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Spiritual Development

Kundalini Awakening Shaktipaat Initiation: -

At Shree Govinddham, eligible and deserving intellectuals are blessed with kundalini awakening through shaktipaat process by Guru Shree Randeep ji. In the whole world a few Gurus are capable of making shaktipaat out of which Saint Shiromani Jagatguru Shree Randeep Ji is the topmost. He can make the shaktipaat happen with his sight only. At Shree Govinddham many intellectuals are attaining kundalini awakening. With the help of shaktipaat initiation all the chakras of the Yogi are awaken within no time and he start attaining accomplishments. The energy rises from the muladhar chakra and unifies with the infinity passing through the Mille chakra. Shaktipaat is much helpful in making the human, from human to a great human.